If you are looking for a Superintendent, Dr. Ed Albert can provide several options to meet your needs. The process Dr. Albert uses for superintendent searches is transparent for board members, their staff, and communities. Dr. Albert works with school board members to identify the best superintendent candidate, using a flexible and customized approach that fitsthe district’s culture. 

Dr. Albert has conducted over15 searches for superintendents for school districts of all sizes, from small and ruralto large and urban. Other administrative searches are available upon request.

A typical Superintendent Search process consists of these steps:

  • Schedule initial meeting with school board to understand district needs and review procedures. Create and analyze online survey to allow for staff, parent, and community input. Solicit teacher input.
  • Develop application and district fact sheet. Advertise position. Receive and review all applications for completion and compliance. Work with board to identify top candidates.
  • Conduct reference checks. Facilitate initial and final interviews. Communicate with board and applicants at every step.


My keynote address is entitled “Being a Champion for all Children.” This motivational speech will have your staff realize how important their roles are in education and the difference they make in the students lives. Other topics for staff development are available upon request


Administration Retreats
This session allows the administrative team to work effectively with one another. This is a perfect workshop for consensus building, being more consistent as an administrative team and understanding the leadership styles of one another. Other workshops can be requested to meet your needs.

Board Retreats
This session includes but not limited to building consensus building with board members, setting goals for the board and the district and have the board working as a team. Other topics can also be addressed upon request.

Interested in assistance with a Superintendent Search, retreat, or other administrative service? Contact Dr. Albert today!

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